Hello warriors!!

I've been recently in a (not easy) quest for Virtual Businesses/Organizations. I have a lot of curiosity about organizations working remotely, selling remotely, etc, doing everything in many countries, multiple markets, etc.

So, is there anyone here running this kind of organization? Or does anyone here knows people running or working?

I've been thinking about trying those "virtual nomads" job panels, but I'm not sure it's the proper way to get to know such organizations. I mean, I'd rather prefer to find someone here in the forum, or on twitter, etc, in an easy-to-talk way.

I'd appreciate any help!!


One of the best ways to find work-at-home (WAH) ops is to join such forums. One is WAHM forums and they're great! they even have a section for SWAH dads :) Second action to take, is to subscribe to WAH blogs such as the work at home mom , real ways to earn money online. They provide lists in their emails to find WAH ops. Just type work at home, or, earn money from home online, search strings. Vary it up and just bookmark sites as you find them so you have variety. Hope this helps, good luck!


If you are referring to an online business, I can definitely give you some indications. I can see a lot of benefits in having an online business, starting with the freedom and the automation.
If I were starting in this sector, I would get myself into affiliate marketing, to learn the principals and then once I had the knowledge I would try to sell my own products or services.
Hello, @pedrocampos (olá!!)

Thanks for your answer! Yes, in the way I understand them, virtual organizations are usually online businesses, yet not all online businesses are virtual organizations (i.e. I could sell software online through the App Store, but with a local team developing it).

Pedro, if you know someone running an entirely online business and you could introduce me or send me their contact, or even just point me out, I'd thank you a lot!!

Best regards,
Bruno Moreira-Guedes
Hello Bruno my company is currently hiring but currently only in commission based positions if you are interested please feel free to contact me and we can discuss this opportunity more
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