Four different types of videos and how to use them effectively.

4 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Small Business
By Rafael Romis,
April 7, 2017

YouTube Director for Business app
The YouTube Director for business app (available for iPhones; unfortunately, not available for Android at this point) was created by Google to give small business owners simple, step-by-step instructions on how to create great business videos.

The app has over 130 templates for making just about any type of video to promote your business. It tells you how to frame your shot, what to say in the shot, and when to say it in the video. It also comes with voice-over, custom text animations, and access to YouTube’s extensive soundtrack library, which will help make your business videos more polished and professional.

Who should use it? Pretty much any business can benefit from the YouTube Director for business app, but it’s especially valuable for businesses that are just starting out. Also, since the app is free and a YouTube account is free, it’s a great little video tool for startups that are on shoestring budgets and can’t afford a professional to create a storyboard and write a video script.

Facebook Live Stream
...companies are now getting more and more into live videos streamed via Facebook to showcase their expertise in a field. What makes these videos great is their authenticity. Because they’re live, they capture everything, which also serves as a warning for using them.

When using Facebook Live Stream, you should be prepared and go into it with at least some semblance of a script and a timeline to follow to avoid major mess ups while “on air.”

Who should use it? Companies that are selling their expertise would be a good fit for Facebook Live Streaming. A bankruptcy trustee, for example, could host a live Q&A about the basics of bankruptcy, or an energy company could host a live chat about how a new tax will impact energy bills. Also, any company that hosts regular classes/workshops could Live Stream events for people who cannot attend.

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