Using social media to spread the word about the BizWarriors Forum

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Nov 10, 2016
Using Social Media to Spread the Word about the BizWarriors Forum

There are two ways you can use social media in promoting this forum (the general concepts also apply to your own business or website):

1. Spreading the word about our forum community by SHARING the home page or specific threads or topics with friends and followers on your social media.

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social media account? Sharing information about the BizWarriors Forum with your friends and followers is an excellent way to let people know what this community is all about and to attract new members. Even if a specific friend or follower is not an entrepreneur or small business owner, they may well know someone else who is and who might be interested.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to share information about or content from the forum to common social media platforms.

On the main forum index page, look at the top of the right sidebar:


Clicking on any one of those icons will pop up a pre-populated form you can submit to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., if you have an account with that social media platform. You can add your own text or comments before clicking on Submit. Depending on the platform and your options for viewing your posts (e.g., friends only, public, etc.), people who are Facebook Friends or Twitter Followers will be able to see your post and share it with their friends or followers. Note that this method only works for the main forum index page.

There are two special icons in this list:

  1. The Pocket symbol following Google+ is not for social sharing per se but rather to save a specific page/thread to your Pocket account for later viewing.
  2. The @ icon at the far right allows you to email the link for the page to a friend or colleague who might be interested: clicking on this will open your default email client where you can add addresses and any comments. This option also appears at the bottom of other pages.

To share a specific thread you are reading, look at the top of the thread for another sharing bar:


And again click on the icon for the platform or service you want to use. You will also find this sharing bar below a thread, or below the last post on that page of the thread, just above the quick reply editor:


If you would like to share a specific individual post rather than the entire thread, look for the post # at the top right of the post:


Click on the #x icon to pop up the share options dialog:


2. Keeping up with BizWarriors and the BizWarriors Forum by FOLLOWING their social media pages.

BizWarriors also has their own social media pages which you can follow for news and updates about BizWarriors the company and the BizWarriors Forum. In this case, you will not be sharing information with YOUR followers but rather becoming a follower of BizWarriors on that platform. This increases the number of BizWarriors followers and also helps to promote the company and this forum community.

There are two places to do this.

First, look at the top right of any forum page, in the far right of the header:

The first three icons are to follow the BizWarriors Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts respectively. The "radar" icon after G+ is to subscribe to the forum RSS feed if you like to use an RSS reader such as Feedly to keep up with the latest posts. Finally, the little envelope icon at the end takes you to the "Contact Us" form so you can contact BizWarriors for information or to have a question answered.

You can do the same thing by clicking on the appropriate icon(s) in the footer of any forum page:


And that's basically it. Pretty simple really. :)
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