What are some of the easiest, fastest and most consistent ways to turn a little bit of free time into extra start up capital? For example, plenty of people know there's lots of online freelancing sites, but is there more worth mentioning behind the curtain?


Oh yes. Time is money as the overused cliche aptly puts it. The question you have posed is both complex and simple at the same time. Its true you can get involved in freelance sites, blogging and countless other endeavours. You can also get involved in offline activities like merchandising, farming or even resume writing. My best option is to think of innovative strategies to create income.


Playing off of what Remnant said, find ways to make money that play into your interests. Sign up for Fiverr and put your skills on display, sell baked goods or do crafts and sell them on Etsy (if that's your thing), be a handyman (or woman), walk dogs, join cash reward and survey sites like Swagbucks and Inboxdollars. It's the little things that add up to a lot over time.

What's important is that you enjoy what you're doing, because then you get more than extra cash in your pocket. You get happiness too.


I would recommend that you do some research on PerkTV. This is a silly little app/website that pays users to watch videos. If you start with one device you will earn pennies, or fractions of pennies. However, over time if you use money made by running this program to re-invest in more devices you can bring in good money, up to 5$ a day per account.


You could use your free time to build an online business that will help you raise capital for any other venture that might interest you. There are lots of businesses you could start online that cost very little or no money at all to start.

Listing a few here:
- Resell stuff on the net. You could be a dropshipper.
- Have you got a skill which anyone would be willing to pay for? Start a business selling your services.
- Be an online marketer. You'll not only make some money but also learn something that will make it easier for you to promote your business.

And many more . . .


Meet essential people in your industry. Network with them. People people people. New people=new opportunities.
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