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Twitter has announced in a now-deleted tweet that as of February 9th, it’s cutting off free access to its API, which is the access point that many, many apps, bot accounts, and other tools used to function.

What does this mean?

If you're using Twitter analytics apps, management tools, schedulers, automated updates that use the free API, you're going to run into some problems. But if you're using services that paid to access the Twitter API, they're less likely to be affected.

You can read the full story here: Twitter’s Cancelling Free Access to its API, Which Will Shut Down Hundreds of Apps

What's your opinion on this latest move by Twitter?

Pat the Rat

Feb 7, 2023
same kind of thing happened to me. i had an app that worked with YouTube, but suddenly it could not work due to changes in the Google API. no workarounds to fix it either.


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