Nothing makes you look more like a celebrity on Twitter than that sought after blue checkmark. Usually, only celebrities get to have it. Now, us mere mortals (and our businesses) can get that blue checkmark too!

Read the full story here: Twitter Re-Opens Public Applications for Profile Verification


Twitter paused their verification program due to the large number of requests. They promised to re-open verification in a few weeks but couldn't confirm a date. This is a bit worrisome because it took them 4 years to re-open the verification program last time.


You can read the story here: Twitter is pausing its new public verification program a week after relaunching the process
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Julia Sta Romana

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May 2, 2017
djbaxter , this is a developing story I'd like to follow and give the community updates on. Should I just update on this thread or create a new thread when there's a new development?
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