Is Tumblr relevant to the UK market? I am setting up my social media for my new business and I can only find stats for the USA in regards to Tumblr. Does anyone here use it will good results?


I found that Tumblr is worldwide, I have met a few friends while living in China for example.
Market your business on Tumblr, ask your followers where they are from, by making posts such as "reblog if you are from the UK".
There are many people from the UK who use Tumblr, you just have to actively seek them out.


I can't add links, but there is a page called statista that gives you information about tumblr's social network market share in the UK. It has been declining since 2014 from 15% to 3%. That may be small but tumblr is very relevant when it comes to niche markets so that's something that you have to take into account depending on the nature of your business.

That being said, having a tumblr presence is better that having no presence at all, don't worry about the actual numbers and make sure to reserve your business's name there before somebody else gets creative with your name, another social network is not going to hurt you and since you are probably using tools to automate and schedule your postings adding tumblr to cross post from other sites takes no effort at all.


Tumblr is as popular in the UK as it is across the globe I would have imagined along with all the other sites that are based along those lines. I think worldwide their market share as decreased but that doesn't mean it's not worth bothering with.

Even a small bit of traffic you might get from Tumblr, is traffic you might not have had before and every bit can make a difference.
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