Trello is a free web application, now also available as a free Windows Store app for Windows 10, which allows you to collaborate with people on projects from the simple to the complex.

If you don't need a team collaboration application, Trello can also be used as a To-Do and Done organizer for various solo projects. This might be useful as an aide to organizing startup tasks for your business, or in my case various web design and updating tasks. I've just installed the Windows 10 app myself to give it a test run. :)

Trello browser-based web app now available as a Windows 10 app
by LavishT,
September 24, 2017


Trello is based upon teams and boards. You create a team with all the people working on a specific project, and then you create boards for different departments to divide your team into different groups.... in those [boards] you add various cards for to-do lists or tasks already completed. Once you are finished any task from your To-Do list, you can simply drag the card to "Done" list.

Trello app for Windows 10
Trello recently launched their browser-based application as a Windows 10 Store application, making it simpler to access your boards.


The Windows 10 application offers features like desktop notifications, quick add from anywhere, etc., and supports multiple windows, which means you can be present in different teams or boards at the same time.

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I've been trying decide which program to use for my budding EVA biz and undecided between Trello and Asana. I do love my G Docs.
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