What is time?

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Time is defined as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Einstein referred to time as the fourth dimension, intertwined with our other three space dimensions, making one giant spacetime sort of thingy (his words), and then something about black holes. I don’t know, what, do I look like some sort of him?

Back when I was a stupid teenager, I had a realization that, since the past and future are intangible events, there cannot really be a present. How can there be a middle with no ends? And if there’s no middle, there’s no definable present, so there’s no such thing as time. My head exploded and I died shortly after.

Some would agree that time is an illusion, and others describe it as one constant event, everything happening all at once, but perceived by our dumb brains as separate and discernible. Whatever time is, we all need it, but never seem to have enough of it.

You are always being asked for a moment of your time. A moment here, a moment there – the moments add up quickly, and your time is valuable, so you need to spend it wisely. If someone is asking for your time, and you have no moment to spare, ask them to email you instead. I’ve been on one (thousand) too many hour-long conference calls that could have been summed up in a paragraph and emailed to me. Same goes for most meetings. Meetings should almost always start with a predetermined outline of the discussion or at least a list of goals to be met during the session. Otherwise, you can expect plenty of time to be wasted.

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For businessmen, mothers, employees, time is such an important thing. One that we have but can never seem to get enough of. Even 24 hours a day is not enough for most of us. And we end up neglecting one aspect of our life for other things. The important point is to manage your time correctly. There has to be a time for everything. Your work, family and self has to have time in your everyday life. You cannot focus on just one aspect. Having a secretary to do your schedule is very important. You can even do it yourself. Budget your time properly to only what is essential!
A very popular book titled "The Power of Less" by Leo Babauta covers this in a very practical manner and would completely agree with briannagodess's suggestion to, stick to the essential! Nobody, at least in my lifetime will ever figure out exactly what time is. So, putting existential physics and philosophy aside, let's stick to what we know. Today, time comes at a premium and is not easy to come by. This is why we must not be too hard on ourselves and simply do our best and do what needs to be done. Sticking to the non-negotiable items on your To-Do list, after practice, may result in actually getting more done in the long run. Don't beat yourself up for not securing financial security, a blissful marriage, and straight A children in 6-months. Do what you can with good intentions and let things simply fall where they may. This is all the average person can do if we want to maintain our sanity.


Time is so wonderfully elastic! I think the secret lies somewhere in the knowledge that when you're really enjoying yourself time flies, but when what you're doing is a bore, time crawls by. Armed with that information, what can we do to bend time into the shape we'd like it to be?

To deal with the boring, run-of-the-mill stuff you might find the Pomodoro method would work for you. Effectively, you set a timer for twenty five minutes and for that time you focus and work, work, work. When the timer rings you stop and do something - anything- else for five minutes. Then back to the task for another twenty five minutes. You can download Pomodoro timers for free from many websites.
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