Tips to Host a Podcast to Grow Your Business

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Apr 13, 2018
A podcast can be helpful in growing your business when used strategically. You need the right podcasting approach, you need to have answers to the questions before you start with a podcast! The key is where you want your podcast to go and what results you would like to get from your podcast. If you want to use your podcast as a means to grow your business, then you need to understand some basic rules that will give you a leg-up on your competition. If you sound smart and passionate on the air, your listeners will get to know, like and trust you. Those are the key ingredients for growing your customer base. If they like how you sound, it could generate curiosity for them to want to know more about you. There are some basic rules to host a podcast.

Rules Before You Turn on Your Mike:

1. Know your content. If you have some guest on the show, do some research about them, why should people listen to them, who are they. If you don’t have a guest on the show, research your topic. Look for the aspects of the topic that peak your interest. If you’re interested, then you will be excited to talk about it and your audience will want to listen.

2. Write your introduction. Unless it’s a famous celebrity, accentuate the topic and then use your guest as the person who will support the discussion on the topic. If you do have a guest who is recognizable by most of your audience, then go ahead and build up your guest.

Rules After You Turn on Your Mike:

1. Be Yourself! Use your regular speaking voice and don’t be afraid to give it all you got. That doesn’t mean you have to scream into the mike. It just means you should talk like you normally would if you were having a conversation with someone who is sitting across the table from you.

2. Speak to One Person at a time. Remember that people won’t listen to you in a group

3. Tap into your strong, confident voice and let it go. Don’t be shy! This is your stage. Your platform for sharing your message with the world.

4. Don’t try and anticipate the question, and don’t be thinking of an answer before the question is asked. When you are interviewing a guest, listen carefully.

5. Remember to have fun. When your show ceases to be fun and just becomes an obligation, it’s time to stop. It will be a waste of your time, because your listeners will feel it. If they think you’re not interested, they’ll find a new podcast to follow.

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