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Jun 29, 2018
hi, my name is Cat.

I identify subcategories in the population and make interconnected businesses that serve these subcategories.

It takes me a few months per subcategory, first I decide on a subcategory that is enough of a percentage of the population to make a decent amount of profit possible.

Then I identify needs specific to that population.

There may be various needs, which can be served by different businesses within the niche.

I figure out how to direct traffic to each business individually through social media and organizations. Then I figure out how businesses can interredirect traffic.

I used to do this on AOL forums to some degree, but now I just do it to keep my mind busy.

I might start posting my business conglomerates for each subcategory on the forum specific to searching for investment.

I have a business that has reached the final stages of the OZY genius scholarship out of thousands of entries. That business I thought up rapidly when offered a chance to turn in a business.

Basically, if I get good feedback from posting my interconnected businesses in each niche I will keep posting.

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Weekly Digest