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This supercar is made out of titanium - and can go 220mph

Discussion in 'Cars and Vehicles' started by EF-Roger, Aug 18, 2015.

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  1. EF-Roger

    EF-Roger Member


    Design house Icona has returned with a second iteration of its Vulcano supercar that we first saw in 2013. Icona was founded in Turin but based in Shanghai and specializes in exporting Italian automotive design and engineering services to firms operating in China. Its Vulcano was originally conceived to showcase the talents of the firm’s staff, and there’s still the chance it may enter production.

    Icona hasn’t ruled out building a small run of Vulcanos for public sale and at the past weekend’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance the company showed off a new version that’s much closer to becoming a production reality than the original. This is because while the original Vulcano was simply envisaged to come with a hybrid system built around either a V-12 engine or twin-turbocharged V-6, the latest version, dubbed the Vulcano Titanium, packs a supercharged 6.2-liter LS9 V-8 borrowed from the C6 Corvette ZR1. It also has a fully functional interior.

    Read more: This supercar is made out of titanium - and can go 220mph - Business Insider

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