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The Walking Dead Season Six Finale Discussion

Discussion in 'Arts and Entertainment' started by Cleveland76, Apr 4, 2016.

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  1. Cleveland76

    Cleveland76 Member

    There has been quite a bit of internet uproar over how the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead ended yesterday. Obviously there are spoilers ahead for those of you who have not yet seen the episode, so it's your call if you continue reading further.

    Overall I felt the episode was relatively strong - it was a nice change of pace from some of the slow moving character study type episodes leading up to it. It was a dramatic showdown pitting Rick's group against Negan's group. This was also the long awaited introduction of Negan himself. And unless you've been living under a rock, you more than likely know how this moment plays out in the comic book - with beloved character Glenn getting a fatal blow to the head by Negan's barbed wire covered bat, which he named Lucille.

    Diehard fans of the comic have been waiting for this moment for years now, since it's a pivotal point in the story line and one of the comics' most infamous villains to date. Even before the show aired, leaks reported that we would ultimately not see who it was that Negan kills, and would have to wait until the season 7 opening episode to find out. This obviously didn't go over well with most, and as speculated, that's exactly what happened when the show finally aired.

    In The Talking Dead, which aired immediately afterwards, Robert Kirkman, who wrote the episode, did explain that there are some clues in the episode as to who it may be.

    As of right now, there is some discussion on why we can likely narrow it down the list of possible candidates, and weed out a few people who are possibly safe for now:

    - Just before Negan is about to take a swing, he instructs the other members of his group to cut out Carl's other eye and feed it to Rick, should anyone from his group try to intervene. This seems to imply that Negan isn't standing in front of either of them, but has instead selected someone else. Also, it wouldn't really make sense for him to kill the leader of their group, since he needs them to gather supplies for his own.

    - At one point, Glenn interrupts Negan desperately begging him to not hurt Maggie. Curiously, Negan cuts him some slack rather than punish him, saying he "understands" and would give him a "freebie" instead of bludgeoning him for acting out like that. Given the mid season Glenn death fake out, and in light of Negan's comments, I think both Glenn and Maggie are off the hook for now. It wouldn't make sense to spare him one moment then select him as the victim moments later. It also would probably outrage fans even further if we had to suffer through a cliffhanger ending, only to find out months later that it was Glenn all along who is killed.

    - Of the remaining members being held hostage, I would say Abraham, Michonne and Daryll pose the biggest threat to Negan, in terms of physicality and fighting skills. With Abraham being the biggest grunt of the group, I'm thinking ultimately he will be the one to fall victim to Negan. This seems even more plausible since the last few episodes, including the finale, have been tying up some loose ends in his story line - ending his relationship with Rosita, and making peace with Eugene, in particular. He's also a safe pick, from a fan perspective, considering characters like Glenn and Daryll are basically sacred cows on the show, and would spark considerable outrage if they were killed off. Plus Abraham just recently dodged his comic book fate with an arrow through the eye, which went to Denise instead.

    - As for Eugene, if he can in fact manufacture more bullets, then he is an asset to either group. The story line needs him to explain how these groups continue to have ammo several years into the zombie apocalypse. Not to mention, he's not a particularly beloved character, so choosing him wouldn't have as much impact. He's been kind of a dead weight to the group for most of his time on the show, and only just recently started stepping up to the plate to help defend everyone else.

    - I won't go into all the remaining characters, since it's really just the same story for the rest of them. They're not prominent enough to warrant the blow from Negan. Some of them have been barely featured at all this season, so it would be rather anti-climactic to just suddenly kill one of them off at such an important point in the story. There hasn't been any foreshadowing with any of them to suggest they may be the one to go.
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