Mar 21, 2019
Pinning this article. It's at the very least, a great concise, graphic based checklist for what to be doing that you can quickly scan. Thanks!


Apr 17, 2021
There are no specific recommendations on the number of letters in the chain. It all depends on the area. Some applications help you get your work right. I use email scraper to have the right impact. Otherwise, it's impossible to convey what you want from a potential client in a letter. I realized that the letter should be concise, so a person could read it in 45-60 seconds from a smartphone screen and understand what you want from him. The rest has no effect on his desire to buy something or use your services. Chains should be connected logically, and the interval for sending emails should be at least one business day. Then you won't become a spammer and will work with more people.
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