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Let's do a quick recap of past few weeks...

The Good:
  • Two weeks before the end of the school year I spent about $300 to send 7,000 flyers home with the student
  • I repeated above during last week of school
  • Result:
    • My 1st week I had three students registered
    • My 2nd week I had 7 students registered
    • My 3rd week I had 15 students registered
  • That's almost an exponential growth; yahoo!!!
A few parents are already asking about subsequent sessions...​

The Bad:
No one has registered for any of the subsequent weeks; so, I have to cancel my classes for next the week.

I need to refocus on my marketing efforts...

I had someone create me my first facebook ad campaign for $95, which I am tracking through google analytics. I've spent over $300 on the facebook ads but have not gotten any registration from this channel.
I have someone else working on my google ad campaign from Fiverr; but, frankly, I'm not expecting any earth-shattering result.

I've spoken with a radio ad agency, and am considering to spend over $1,200 for a two week ad campaign. It seems that I'm starting to spend money faster than I can make it. I really don't like this blind faith strategy; but, I have yet to reach the magicl $3,000 to $4,500 marketing spend that I found most franchisers require.

I can do some more flyer campaign (via mail or door hangers); but, I feel the flyer sent home with sutdents was already the most effective strategy.

My next course of action is to host 1 hour coding camp at the local library to influenc and possibly build more clients.

I've communicated through my site that my business is a pilot to determine if there is indeed demand in the community to warrent continued enrichment services. I feel that STEM coding camp was well received by parents and few seemed enthusiastic about future sessions. So, I'm planning on sending an email to existing parents and asking them to share their experiance on their social channel and even ask for testimonial from them so that I can strengthen my site credibility.
The Ugly:
I've been spending lot of time comming up with STEM projects that I can use during student breaks. Even selecting an existing project from internet takes time in compiling and preparing the materials. I feel that I'm turning to the business owner that is busy doing all the work himself; but, I'm telling myself that this is only a stage, and will pass through.

As I refelect I realize that I've launched a service as summer camp; but, I have no vehicle for long term sustained revenue stream. So, I need to start working on building a plan that will support a subscription model that both I and the parents will feel comfortable with.

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