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In previous post, The Rising (Part 2): The Inception, I hinted that I would talk about my franchise selection. I haven't had a chance to review my notes; so, I have to delay that to another post. In the mean time I'll share with you other elements that I have been working on.

I must admit, doing a survey is more difficult/work than I anticipated. For example, to determine a name that resonates with most, I posted on multiple forums, which include: BizWarriors (this forum), theFastLane, reddit, and city-data. Here is the stat so far:
146 visited the survey
50 completed the survey
22 our 50 contacts that completed the survey were my personal friends/family.

Unwavered with the lack of response, I decided to survey the customers of a big box store in a nearby city because 1) I don't want prospective future customers see me doing outdoor survey, 2) I don't have to chase customers to get their survey.

Since this was my first time, I thought it would be appropriate to approach the store manager before conducting the survey. I was informed that soliciting in any form is not allowed.

Next, I decided to visit the local Mall. There I learned that I must get prior authorization before attempting to do anything. So, I need to followup on Monday to see if that can be done. I spoke with an individual in a kiosk to get more information. Apparently, they are not allowed to approach customers, and must remain in their domain; they can only interact with a customer if the customer approaches them.
Well, this will make it difficult for me to survey customers.

Next, I visited a smaller business where parents hangout (i.e. dance, gymnastics, etc). The business owner did not object for me to stand outside and ask my single question survey; however, there was nut much activity since it was on Saturday morning. After 15 minutes I decided to find a location with higher traffic.

Next, I visited kids birthday-party event center (i.e. Chuck e Cheese, John's Incredible Pizza, etc). There too, I learned that I need prior authorization.

It is certainly easier to ask for forgiveness then permission; for now, my survey plans are suspended until I get an authorization.

I've also been doing more research and brainstorming regarding location; so, I hope to share my finding with you soon.
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