What's the biggest challenge you face when trying to balance your health and business? (18-35)

  • No time for self care (Want more time for yourself)

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  • Don't know where to start (I would like to balance the two)

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  • Never paid it any attention (Didn't know their was a connection) *Actually, There Is*

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  • No money for luxuries (Only focused on business)

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  • Other

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  • Neither

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I'm hosting a live workshop locally next month and I wanted to know what entrepreneurs struggle with health and business-wise when getting their dream job off the ground. As you may already know, health and a healthy mindset is crucial for a growing entrepreneur. So I wanted to ask the community.

Think: What are struggling with now as a entrepreneur?
What can help you get your health on track as well as your business?

Also if you answer other please list it down below.
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