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The First Step, the deepest breath

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Fred H, Dec 12, 2015.

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  1. Fred H Member

    I am a third time entrepreneur, starting off this time a little less green, a little less eager to believe but... more inspired to achieve. I have spent decades in government service and five years ago, I co-founded a company that went from strength to strength.. It set up in Canada, opened up in San Fransisco and now I see we have an office in China... I never made a penny from that venture, but i learned a lot. I learned about greed, being gullible, vengeance and culpability.

    My next venture was a 3D printing company. it was / is an unbelievable product but... there was a serious, some would call it, grievous, break in out team.. we were able to snatch defeat from a certain victory when a 3D God came to our simple Garage based HQ and declared it was the best thing he had seen in 30 years of 3D technology... My money went down the pan... but i had learned even more..

    I am now about to branch out into China, I won't say I am fearless,as that would be foolish, but I have sat down with the money and won, I have met with the best in their field and had them commit to an enterprise, I have moved further than my destiny had given reason to believe I could ever achieve and yet there is further yet to go and still I'm gathering steam and increasing momentum because from the "Failures" I have endured very clearly showed there is so much to accomplish.

    it's not about the money now, its about the climb.. Everything I learn about myself, the world and the journey is imprinted for the next challenge and arms me ready to defeat the next obstacle.

    I wish, truly wish I had been able to count on the knowledge of others 5 years ago... It would have been invaluable.

    I'm about to take a deep breath and go under again, this time, my eyes wide open. Thank you for letting me share a few thoughts.
  2. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    Hello there, @Fred H! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing. We're really glad to have you on board. I really admire your resiliency. I know you would attain great success in the future because you never give up. Best of luck! Keep us posted. :)
    Fred H likes this.
  3. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Member

    @Fred H, Welcome to EntrepreneurFix!!!
    Fred H likes this.
  4. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. Welcome to EntrepreneurFix @Fred H !

    Maybe you can get a thread going about your project(s) and progress. I am sure you can garner a lot of guidance and direction if you are so inclined.

    Looking forward to your posts and threads.

    Last edited: Dec 17, 2015
    Fred H likes this.
  5. Fred H Member

    Thank you TJ, I think that's a great idea. I will start a thread in the New Year. I'm lucky to have a great spring board to launch into the Chinese Web market. For the next few weeks I'm building a product base and will be there over the New year getting the final touches in place. We all want a great resposne to our ideas and so far it's been fantastic. We all want to crack China, so far... its a great start.. lets see.. research and support suggests its going to be a very good year. I cant wait to post more in the NEw year and hopefully reach those who have gone before me..
    T J Tutor likes this.
  6. Griffin

    Griffin Member

    Welcome to the forums, Fred.
    Fred H likes this.
  7. Fred H Member

    Thank you Griffin, Good to be on here

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