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One of the most frequently encountered excuses I hear from Newbies for not getting started in business is "fear of failure". It is also sometimes called "fear of success" by some analysts. In either case, I see this daily with Newbies and I like to think I turn them around on this more often than not.

Edison called his failures with the lightbulb discoveries of how not to build a light bulb, how about you, what is your response to anyone clinging to this self imposed block to push forward?

Zac Johnson

I also see this all the time and I see it less as "fear of success" and more about people being too lazy, comfortable where they are and also not willing to put the work in.

It's easy for anyone to see successful people online and think that it all happens overnight. It's one thing to get started with a website, blog or business, but it's another to actually stick with it.

Being an entrepreneur is special because it's a skill and mindset only few can possess. While some people say you are "born with it", it's definitely a choice and lifestyle commitment as well.

In terms of getting stuck at failures, it all goes back to the will to success. Cut your losses and move onto that next project, or pivot yourself and your business at a different angle to make it work. 20 years in the industry and I've had to do this every few years to adjust with the enviornment.

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