Exciting quotes on success by Paramhansa Yogananda:

Success or failure is determined in your own mind. Even against the negative opinion of the rest of society, if you bring out by your all-conquering God-given will the conviction that you cannot be left to suffer in difficulties, you will feel a secret divine power coming upon you; and you will see that the magnetism of that conviction and power is opening up new ways for you.

Carrying a thought with dynamic will power means holding to it until that thought pattern develops dynamic force. When a thought is made dynamic by will force, it can manifest according to the mental blueprint you have created.

How can you develop will? Choose some objective that you think you cannot accomplish, and then try with all your might to do that one thing. When you have achieved success, go on to something bigger and keep on exercising your will power in this way. If your difficulty is great, deeply pray: "Lord, give me the power to conquer all my difficulties." You must use your will power, no matter what you are, or who you are. You must make up your mind. Use this will power both in business and in meditation.

Mortal man's brain is full of "can'ts." Being born in a family with certain characteristics and habits, he is influenced by these to think he can't do certain things; he can't walk much, he can't eat this, he can't stand that. Those "can'ts" have to be cauterized. You have within you the power to accomplish everything you want; that power lies in the will.


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In my opinion, perseverance is much more important than talent

In fact, I want to show here three basic elements for success: talent, effort and discipline, and finally luck. I put these three elements in an increasing degree of importance.

Even with a lot of talent, effort, and discipline, you may not be lucky, and then you will fail. And perseverance comes in here because you must keep trying and the longer you resist failure, the greater the chances of the opportunity finally coming (which comes from something you do not control), and then those three elements will complete.

Perseverance means mental strength to resist, perhaps for years, the humiliations, the "no" of potential clients and partners, financial and personal losses, and even physical and mental health problems


It has taken me a lot of years to switch my thinking from, "I can't" to "How can I?" In fact, it's still a work in progress.

As far as failing goes....a fail is not a fail if you learn from it, it is an opportunity.
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