What is an Incentivized Campaign?

According to Tune (Also known as, HasOffers):

Incentivized ads reward a user in exchange for completing an action – whether the action is an app download, a full video view, or referring a friend to register for a car service and take their first ride. In the case of mobile app advertisements, the reward is typically virtual currency, an upgrade within a game, or a discount on a product or service.

Why the Struggle?

About 13 - 15 years ago, the incent industry was doing extremely well and at it's peak. I remember there being some great offers that allowed incent that are no longer around today. As for those offers that are free and do not require a credit card (90% fall in this) were such offers as NetSpend & other Prepaid Debit Cards, coupon offers such as Coupons.com, CoolSavings, LivingSocial & SavingStar, Inc. and much more out there. Majority of these are no longer in the incent industry anymore but those that are and free, such as surveys/daily surveys/email submits/joining websites/etc. pay a lot less than they used to.

Other than free incent offers, there were some purchase ones that did well such as GoDaddy & HostGator.com for business people & other purchase offers as a consumer like 1-800-Flowers. Last but not least, were those high paying free/low cost & money back guaranteed trials that hold no risk to the consumer like Netflix, Redbox, & Blockbuster Movies.

The reason that these free offers are no longer incent or pay a lot less is due to the low quality of the leads & for the trials it is due to people using prepaid gift cards and for doing the trial and immediately requesting to cancel/get refund.

In summary, it is due to fraud leads which produced a loss for these companies.

How is incent business struggling?

Those who are in the incent business no matter if it is an incent site such as Get Paid To (GPT) Site or a mobile app like those that are games and offers can be completed instead of buying coins/points, the industry is struggling.

I have heard predictions of incent totally crashing and to no longer exist to it continuing to get worse but will always be around in some sort or fashion.

I refuse to predict the future, but the industry is not doing as well as it used it. This is a FACT.

So, how is it struggling? Well, for those who own the GPT/mobile app business for incent are starting to see, if not have been seeing an decrease in revenue over the years, loss of members, and credibility of incent is dead to the rest of the world.

However, the struggles go further than that. Those campaigns that would not last in non-incent have had a decline in revenue such as surveys/daily surveys and as the industry gets worse, they have been slowly disappearing (does not help our economy at all with increase in unemployment).

In summary, as the incent industry
struggles, so do those working for the industry, owning a business in it, or in the industry in some fashion.

What can we do about it?

A lot of people would say we can do nothing about it. However, we cannot control it, we can do something to try and save it. We can educate members and traffic completing incent offers about how fraud is hurting the industry in hopes they will stop (most will not care, I know), we can continue to monitor and crack down harder than ever to stop people from being able to fraud the industry by staying in connection with others and banning those known fraudsters, and more.

Last by not least, for incent business owners who are in it to make a quick buck and fraud the system as well should be shut down by their web host. They hurt the industry a lot harder than members do. What they do is open up their business under an alias, have members join, complete offer, keep the money (not paying members), and then shut down and run with the money. Other business owners who hurt us, are those who do their own offers, fraud offers themselves, or even those who encourage it. Lets not forget that forums that help members and business owners commit fraud or do them should be shut down too. However, that will not happen due to "freedom of speech and expression".

Thanks for reading. If your in the industry, new to it, or thinking about getting into it, this topic may help. If you have anything to add, please do so by leaving a comment.

T J Tutor

Incentive is having it's struggle. I think the incentive industry needs a remodel. Most of it is based on antiquated models. There are still some campaign styles that produce, but overall, there are better ways to monetize and promote offers.

T J Tutor

@T J Tutor, do you have any ideas that you would like to share?

The largest complaint these days is that of having to complete something to get something. Coupled with an abundance of ad blockers, misuse of content locking, looped pops, looped pages, and over aggressive advertising, the public just isn't willing to tolerate this type of marketing any longer.

So, a remodel is needed. The public has already demonstrated they will participate in various forms of actions to receive what they are seeking, the industry should focus more on areas that have not been exploited by lockers and other forms of incentive based marketing. I don't have a formula or strategy devised. It isn't a part of the industry I have indulged. I can only speak to it in general and reflect on what is reported by those that have extensive experience with it. I've been a content marketer for most of my career, as well as utilizing the "free line" forms of marketing as a hook for conversions. However, we are all marketers and we all know how to read a market and devise a campaign to meet the needs of a market in order to get conversions. In this case, for example, the survey option has gone through some changes in recent years and is rising again as an option to lead to a fulfillment of some sort, often gaining necessary permissions and data to remarket as well as adding to our email funnels. This is still a form of incentive, a requirement to fulfill a step is needed to facilitate whatever has been promised to the participant.

I just think there is a way to revitalize that part of the industry. It has to be less intrusive, a "prettier" presentation, and maybe be introduced or reintroduced to a more lucrative and affluent part of the public.


I think incent has gotten a spammy rep. I've never done any incentivized marketing but I tend to agree with @T J Tutor in that the only way to save it, or at least improve it, is to give it an overhaul.

There is probably some way to breathe new life into that segment of the industry, a way that appeals to users, rather than making them block or click away as fast as humanly possible.

Wish I had an answer to this problem. I'd make a lot of money. :)


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Incentivized ads or any other classic method will work even today if its bundled with unique creativity, right kind of content and punch line attached to a bigger dream.

Ultimately even today one thing not changed is "story telling" and building dream via that.

Important is what "new", incent bring on the table so customer demand can be created. If that's focused properly, you have a hit campaign larger than all put-together.
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