Stories, Shopping, and Streamlining: Your Guide to Instagram's Latest Moves
by Amma Marfo,
May 21, 2019

As Instagram continues its dominance in the market for brands and creators alike, they continue to tinker with their interface and elevate new features key to their growth. Here, we share some of their latest updates- and what they’ll mean for your experience on the app.

“Explore” Expands to Include Shopping and IGTV
According to one Instagram spokesperson, the Explore tab is used by more than half of the platform’s users each month. To that end, the company is committed to “investing heavily in Explore with the goal of making it the best online destination for your interests and making it evolve over time as your interests do to.” The company’s Product Lead for Discovery Will Ruben agreed, saying “Explore shows you the full [breadth] of content on Instagram that are relevant to your interests.”

To that end, expect to see a wider variety of videos, photos, and shopping posts, powered by intelligence from other accounts you like and follow on a regular basis. And for brands using the platform, effective hashtagging will aid in your discovery in the tab. In addition to wider content sharing on the site, look forward to a few more styles of content there. Tabs for Shopping posts and IGTV have joined the Explore tab, likely to boost their profile alongside standing categories for travel, food, and clothing. Tapping on Shop will summon shopping posts sorted into categories like Beauty, Clothing, and Home Decor. And IGTV, which has otherwise struggled in its first year, will now appear prominently in this frequently trafficked space. But another, more heavily used feature, will also be making its debut on the Explore tab.

I think it would be awesome to shop on IG, but I still think I'll just be using Amazon, since I have Prime membership. Unless of course, they work in tandem with one another. This might help break up a lot of the monopoly of Amazon too, which could be a good thing or just create a new, expansive monopoly. So we will see.
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