Startup Founder Runs Business with 420K Users While Working Full-Time

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Aug 22, 2018
I've posted this story in a different thread, but I think it's very relevant here. Here's a real story. Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli (photo above) has a day job working as a Microsoft .Net consultant. He also runs multiple startups including Week Plan, which has over 420K users. He shares his secrets to staying productive - even after work - so you can have the energy to do your side hustle.

Here are his secrets:

  1. He hacks his body. For example, he commutes to work by motorcycle. He noticed that accelerations triggered a release of adrenaline in his body. The release of adrenaline made him feel ready for another day of work. He also plays video games for half an hour (the trick is to strictly limit games to 30 minutes), he watches an episode of Anime a day, and takes a cold shower to feel lighter and better.

  2. He relies on other people to do other tasks. He hires a few contractors to operate his business. He launches new products early in the creation process for two reasons: he wants to get early feedback on what he’s am doing, but also, as soon as users start using the new product, he starts to get bugs report and feature requests that keep him going.

  3. He gets plenty of rest, roughly 8 hours of sleep most nights. When he wakes up in the morning, he doesn’t feel groggy so he’s pumped to start the day straight from the moment the alarm clock rings.

  4. He has a clear vision. Having a goal that is bigger than just making money helps him put in a little extra effort. It makes the “sacrifices” worth it.
✅ If you want the longer version (with full details of hacks), you can read the post here: How I stay productive after work