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Starting delivery business US/UK food (Q)

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by Itsmaxmaist, May 19, 2016.

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  1. Good evening,
    Me and my partner had the idea to start a small business (a delivery shop) we would like to sell product from US / UK (candy, syrup, ect).
    We will do this delivery shop in a city full of student and where people's lifestyle is high (lot’s of rich people) So it’s a city where we can build a really good business.
    From a financial point I think we don’t need to invest a lot of money.
    The more expensive will be the website / commercials and the rest will be the food stock.
    I think we can try something with our originality (knowing there isn’t a single shop who sell us/uk products in our city) We actually got a problem to find a provider it’s actually really hard because after a week of searching we find some websites who can sell us their products but those website have 2 fonctions they sell to normal people and they also have « a pro section » where they sell to companies like a real provider.
    We actually don’t think that those websites are the best way to find the cheapest US/UK products.
    So if anyone know a way or a website who’s a real Provider who only sell to companies it would help us a lot!
    Oh and if anyone know how to manage Indexation prices? How can I fix the price,….?

    A big thank you in advance!
  2. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    Have you put this to paper. In other words, have you written out a business plan, established a baseline for inventory, done the necessary market research, demographic research, cash flow projections, spread sheets, etc.? With out these, you can't possibly know what to do next. You must have a plan!

    Are you talking about selling from a brick and mortar store front, or are you planning on selling online, or both?
  3. Hi T J ,

    yes its made but my most difficult part is to find some wholesaler of foods ! I dont know where i need to search ect,... Find some wholesaler but its not a really wholesaler because they sell to anyone who want to buy in small quantity if you understand what i try to explain with my poor English :).

    No only online for my city and after see how the e-commerce is going and try to expend in my whole country !

    Thanks a lot.
  4. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    Finding suppliers is not a problem. There are tens of thousands of wholesale food suppliers world wide. I've got over twenty food suppliers in m y small city alone. You say you need a supplier of foods, that's too general, you are not being specific. You have not made it clear what type of shop with what types of foods. You are not going to find a single source for foods, you will have to use many different sources for foods and you can't contact any of them until you know exactly what food products you plan sell.

    Also, you stated, "The more expensive will be the website / commercials and the rest will be the food stock.". If you think your site and the marketing will be more expensive than your inventory, then I can tell you have not completed a business plan, or cost analysis, or spreadsheets, employee/staff costs, operational costs, etc. You can't make those until you know what you are selling as well as the cost of what you are selling. You can't know that until you talk to the suppliers. Since you have not talked to the suppliers, you don't know what exactly you will be selling or how much the inventory will cost.

    I think you are brainstorming ideas and don't actually have a well researched plan built around market research, demographics, projections, operational costs, employee costs, etc. If you had these, then you will already know where the suppliers are and what they will charge, what the shipping will be, what the cost of your inventory will be, and what all of the other expenses will be.


    If you don't do this, then you will never get your shop opened! As for suppliers, it's the easiest part of your research. There isn't a type of food anywhere on the planet that you cannot find a way to obtain. Sometimes direct from the producer, sometimes from a wholesaler, sometimes from distributors, sometimes from locals.
  5. Hi T J,

    Thanks for your awesome reply it’s very helpful !
    So i need to be more accurate in some parts of my business.

    1)Ok so i want to sell american’s foods who are famous all around the world like (Macaroni Kraft,Lucky charm cereals,Oreo,Chocolate Hershey,ect...)

    if you want to look a website close to the same i want to launch (the best exemple is here:
    https :// americanfizz. co. uk/)

    2) For the Financial part, i agree, i was too optimist. But it’s hard to think about money for my first stock without haven’t a single contact with some wholesalers. i think with some wholesaler i need to order a minimum required.
    when i’ll start my website it will have a small catalog so i wont have a big stock like 'Americanfizz' can have. At the beginning it will be a few basics products.

    3) for the employee, we will be only two. Me and my Partner, we dont need employee due to the fact that we will only sell in our student's city. Maybe after if we have some success but not now.

    4) Cost of operation will be not huge due to the fact we make Delivery in our city only first so not shipping by society operation ect,...

    Its not so easy when im a noob, it will be my first experience in business, im 21. So a BIG thanks for your help !
  6. Hey! I can design you a website for you food supply company! Let me know if youre interested. I can send you my portfolio :)

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