Hello. I am currently working on my online fitness consulting business and was wondering if anyone has any good tips on gathering new clients online. I currently have a test client and he is very happy with what I have been teaching him so I know that what I am offering will be great for people that are in need. If you want more information on what my business will be here is my LinkedIn profile which has more information on it: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabriel-cabello-professional-fitness-coach-54b448187/ . Thanks looking forward to hearing some advice from y'all!


Cool, it seems that your profession is indeed in-demand nowadays. If I were you I would invest in creating your own website and social media such as Youtube and Facebook.

Create a short tutorial or ask a content writer to write tips about fitness, health, and tips.

SEO is also a good investment just in case you tried to build your own website.
See this Outsourcing and Staffing Solution | Online Officer they might be able to help you grow your business.
Hi - I’m a writer with a new blog and I find the above tips very helpful - particularly the idea of creating an online tutorial. I think a tutorial on YouTube is a great idea - I should start doing it myself!

If I wasn’t sweating in the Miami Heat I might do it right now. 😃
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