Starting a new business: tracking subscription and recurring expenses for free


Jun 20, 2020
Hi guys!

New in the forum, have been active in other similar forums.

I am working on a project called CostTeam,

At this moment it is a free application to track subscription and recurring expenses for USA and Canada, although we are working on expanding it to other countries.

We use bank-level security and read-only access to analyze your credit card and bank account statements. It uses Plaid to connect with bank accounts.

I wanted to get your thoughts about the application and what you would like it to have. We are working on a website application with a dashboard and will add many more features.

Would love to hear your thoughts guys, and if you try it let me know in the comments, so that I can take a note and reach out to you when we launch the first web application version. Eventually we will ask for money, but I will keep a free membership if you help us with some feedback

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