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Hey everybody. New to BizWarriors and thought I would give a first post a shot. I started my LLC during a time of uncertainty where the name (and purpose) of my business idea was as loose as a monkey on ecstacy. Months later after lots of idea validation, I'm just about ready to launch my business but the name is different than my legally registered LLC. Is this a problem? Do I have to create a new LLC? Google Search leads me to a term called Ficticious Business Name but I could not find too much info on this. Has anyone had a similar situation?
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You can either contact the third-party or government agency to see about changing it to what you want the LLC to be changed to. You can also register the name of the business as a trade name and run it under your LLC. I do here that you can also add it as a sub business under your LLC. I am not sure if it is true, how to go about it or what not, though.

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I don't think you'd need to change the name of the LLC, you'd just be 'doing business as'. I think you can call your business whatever you want, but officially it would be XYZ LLC DBA ____. I'd suggest you look into that. If you used a lawyer to set up the LLC give him or her a call.
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