My new company has been developing a product in the past 9 months and we're set (details are still a secret). I'm sure it'll change business the world over, from US through UK to China. We've however succeeded yet not in getting to customers because we have no marketeer on our team of 3 and we've been treading a tight budget because we decided to borrow nothing but use our savings which has worked well so far. Tapping into the market is still a big hurdle.


Wow!!.... That really sounds like something huge. I look forward to whatever details you can share and I'm sure I'll be able to learn something new. Over 9 months in the planning indicates lots of dedication has been out into it. A few more months will only be worth your while just to fine-tune the delivery. All the best on the world stage then.


It seems like it's really going to be a big thing since you have mentioned it could change the business aspect of the world. Anyway, congratulations on this business idea, and I would be rooting for your success. Keep us posted! :)


Hi Alex...

That sounds like an awesome business! I suggest you solve these 3 key questions. Once you've got that the marketing strategy almost writes itself...
  1. What Problem do you solve? (Not what the product is but how it helps people! What's the problem it solves for them? 80% of businesses fail not least because there was no market opportunity to begin with! If you solve someone's problem they will be happy to pay you)
  2. For whom are you solving this problem? (The key here is to define your target audience and less is definitely more in the beginning! The more narrow you can be, the more specific you can talk to them. You will also be in a much better position to address the problem you are solving for whom this matters the most. We often make the mistake at trying to appeal to everyone. So in your case maybe also think about phasing your markets, i.e. focusing on UK then US then China, etc. But unless you've got unlimited funds Jack of all trade and master of none is marketing suicide!)
  3. How are you solving this problem better than anyone else? (It sounds like you've got a Unique selling propositions which is a very rare thing these days. So well done! But can competitors replicate what you've done? If yes you will eventually need to win on superior customer experience!)
Let me know if that was helpful... Message me if you want more input.
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