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Start a business

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by Jacob Hawkins, Mar 26, 2018.

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  1. Jacob Hawkins

    Jacob Hawkins Banned

    When is the best time in your life to start a business?
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  2. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    I don't think there is a best time of life, other than when you feel ready to do it and have the resources to do it.

    There may be good and not so good times to start a particular business in a particular area based on local and global economic trends, though.

    Are you thinking about starting a specific business?
  3. castlekeeper

    castlekeeper Member

    I will agree with djbaxter! No one can tell you when the right time is going to come. Most of the times we are too scared to start because the vision we have seems to be unattainable, but I am a firm believer that hard work can beat talent, so I will suggest figure out the financial side of things and start making progress as soon as possible. Don't be like me- too scared of failure to even try. That's embarrassing to admit, but it's the truth! I see more and more young people that have created ginormous careers and make hundreds sometimes millions of dollars. I often find myself asking how did they accomplish their desires meanwhile I am at the same spot I was a year ago, and the only answer I can give is that they just started working towards their goal.
    Wow, I feel like I am having a therapy session, sorry for that!:D

    Do you mind sharing what you have in mind?
  4. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator MVP Member

    Hello Jacob Hawkins ; Rather than asking what age or what time , i rather recommend you to ask "What values i can add add into this world with this startup" will give you much larger wings to fly.
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  5. Edvin

    Edvin MVP Member Top Contributor

    You're not alone. That's my story too.
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  6. Jacob Hawkins

    Jacob Hawkins Banned

    Thank you for your suggestion.
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  7. Small to Feds

    Small to Feds MVP Member Top Contributor

    I spent 20 years in the Military Industrial Complex learning to hate my job.

    At the outside, at the 15 year point (mid career) one should decide whether one is content continuing in a current line of work or make a change to a field that better fits ones value system and/or start one's own enterprise.

    That is where the trade off must occur between all the baggage accumulated (economic and otherwise) and the continued aggravation.

    I waited too long before switching to a small business consulting enterprise and ultimately volunteer work.

    I advise younger people to look closely at their mid-career milestone.

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  8. Chiedo

    Chiedo Member

    Hey Jacob Hawkins,

    I'd say the best time is when you have the flexibility to start your business without the burden of needing to make a quick profit.

    Maybe that's during college (when I started my web firm)
    Maybe that's after a few years in the workforce (when you have savings you can live off of for a year)
    Maybe that's after you retire (and you don't need the income. It's just a nice to have)

    Ultimately, in my opinion, the best time to start a business is when you won't have to compromise on what you know is best for the long-term because you need money in the short term.
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  9. hassanmaalik

    hassanmaalik Member

    There is actually no right time to start a business. Like they say there is no right time for you to wait for, you gotta take the chance and be ready to face the risk. That is what a part of Entrepreneurship is about "Taking Risks"
  10. abdulkaddir

    abdulkaddir Member

    In simple words we can say that there is no age to start a business. You can simply read the story of Colonel Sanders the owner of KFC. His story will make you clear about anything regarding age factor for business.
  11. Brad Young

    Brad Young Member

    Above the age of 16 - and whenever you have an idea that you can sell for profit!
  12. mfawcett

    mfawcett Member

    I agree with the others here, in that there is no "right time."

    It does depend on your maturity, talents, and self-discipline. Good luck!
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  13. ssasoft

    ssasoft Member

    As soon as possible
  14. Daniel Jameson

    Daniel Jameson Member

    Starting a business is alike to starting a good relation; the good time to start a business is when you have the time to assign your awareness to it.

    This isn’t to say that there's anything mistake with starting a part-time business or starting a business when you are still working at a job. Person have similar energy levels and different capacity.

    It’s just to suggest that to give yourself the best shot at starting a business, you have to be able to cornerstone on it.
  15. Peyton White

    Peyton White Member

    I totally agree with that, there's no right time as long you have all the knowledge about the business and one have the starting capital then anyone can start.
  16. Lawrence Miller

    Lawrence Miller Member

    Thanks for sharing a good information.

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