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Speaking in public is such a useful skill.

Discussion in 'Sales' started by Federico.Gimeno, Feb 9, 2016.

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  1. Federico.Gimeno

    Federico.Gimeno Member

    I used to be extremely shy about speaking in front of people since my school days. In the recent years I have met some friends; they do all kind of silly things in public, they challenge each other to perform random silly acts (nothing harmful or disrespectful) in public places and that kind of stuff for fun, haha. They have kind of dragged me into this routine (it is a lot of fun), so they have kind of trained me in order to loose my fear of speaking in public. Now I don't have any difficulties to do so. This has helped me a bunch in my professional life, allowed me to pursue and get higher positions and improved my selling skills.

    Have you ever had fear of speaking in public, how did you overcome it?

  2. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire Member

    sadly I don't have public speaking skills. In a private circle I can speak for hours, however, when I have to speak in front of strangers, I cannot. I have this hesitation since I was a kid. I have tried to develop my speaking skills by speaking in front of a mirror but I have always failed miserably.
  3. Federico.Gimeno

    Federico.Gimeno Member

    It's not all lost, I was like that as you could read in the post. If you're willing to overcome it, I suggest you to surround yourself with people that are good at public speaking and / or read on the subject. Like in everything else, you'll learn a lot and your confidence will build up.
  4. I had trouble speaking in public so much so that in my first job I refused to work at the cash register because I would have to talk to people. In my second job they kind of forced me into a public communication situation by taking people's orders. Since then, I've gotten a lot better at talking to strangers and with some of our regulars I can strike up pretty decent interjects and witty remarks, so I've definitely got better at it. Now, I've put out two videos on YouTube for my business and I'm planning to do a live workshop at the end of next month (don't really have any fears about that but that could change as the due date gets closer, oh well). Honestly, now when I think about my business I see live workshops being the primary source of new clients.
  5. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    Same as you. When I was in grade school and high school, I was an extremely shy person. I didn't like talking to other people. I have just always stayed quiet, and tried to be more observant. When I went to college, I have already became more open, and this is where my public speaking skills have been honed.
  6. Trixen

    Trixen Member

    This is still a huge concern for me. Even the thought of speaking in front of a crowd still makes me nervous. But If I rehearse first, it's tolerable. On-the-spot public speaking is not my thing. I guess it's a matter of self esteem? It needs improvement. Anyway, I wish I have friends like yours. I try to train myself by joining organizations and meet new people. To be honest, this site is also helping me out.
  7. eProject

    eProject Member

    I have not yet overcome the fear. I completely avoid speaking in public because I don't like sweating a lot while addressing those who are listening to me. I have never gained the courage and I don't know what to do. I don't like it when everybody is looking at me figuring out what I should speak next. My friend told me that he usually avoids looking directly at people when speaking to them but I don't think that can help. I will prefer using the social media and texts if I want to reach a lot of people.
  8. Nikita

    Nikita Member

    I wouldn't say I was that fearful but I did worry a lot leading up to it whenever I has to do it. I don't really know how I got over it but I mostly just powered through I guess. That said, I don't think I'm that good at it, and if I had a choice I'd put someone else much better than me or had much more charm but if I really had to I am glad that I know I can, because as you have mentioned it can be a really helpful skill to have.
  9. Corazon

    Corazon Member

    I am a shy person and I never expected to learn public speaking. When I was promoted to supervisory level, I was sent to attend a workshop on public speaking. That's the time I realized that speaking in front of people is a skill that you can acquire. Of course, I was so nervous during my debut but I had overcome the jitters and little by little I had improved my craft. The first technique taught to us was not to look eye to eye with the audience because you will be conscious. However, you can do that eye-to-eye when you are already used to public speaking.
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  10. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    I love public speaking. Having been involved with sales and marketing all of my life as a part of the many business ventures I am proud to have been involved in, speaking in front of a group (large or small) is often easier than one on one.

    It is not difficult, it is fun ad easy. It simply requires learning to read people, keeping them entertained, and presenting quality material.
  11. bria1

    bria1 Member

    I agree and I am so glad I took several speech classes while I attended school and college. It was also a skill I acquired at church doing programs and things of that nature. I agree effective communication skills can get you a long way and afford you many opportunities to explore.
  12. Federico.Gimeno

    Federico.Gimeno Member

    Yes, I think once you do it a few times, you loosen yourself and things flow naturally. The more you do it, the more you personal style develops and the better you become at it.
  13. Jack Benoit

    Jack Benoit Member

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