Hi all,

I'm starting a business, the format is a marketplace.

I initially wanted to call it brands bazaar but that was trademarked so I changed it to bazaar of brands. I wanted it to be very clear that there were many brands under one roof. But not, I am launching with house brands and have yet to get the marketplace side sorted, so to launch with that name I think would be a little misleading. Also I'm not sure if it means you can buy brands at this bazaar of whether it is a bazaar full of seller brands. What does it sound like to you?

Anyway I decided to go with something more flexible and future proof should the marketplace not work out - also for the launch considering I have no brands up yet, something like Urban Bazaar as I will be selling anything and everything from the middle east, but here in the west. Unfortunately, Urban bazaar domain and instagram name is taken.

Can anyone suggest a name to emulate a bazaar bringing goods of the east, to the west?

Some weird suggestions that came to mind was;
- Silly Road Bazaar (can't do that because it doesn't include certain geographies of the middle east)
- Culture Bazaar

Can anyone suggest a name to emulate a bazaar bringing goods of the east, to the west?
Hi Claire1990,

I love working with the creative side of things, so I'll throw a couple ideas into the mix.

Of course, by your description, I'm assuming you're going after a mostly Western audience? (and even "Western" is a pretty broad range. I don't know their income level, social status, lifestyle, etc.)

So based on that... How about...

- Eastern Bazaar (a bit generic, but still conveys a sense of "eastern mystery" for many westerners)

- Eastern Brands Bazaar (similar to the first one, but maybe a little more descriptive?)

- Bazaar Of Eastern Goods (not great, but at least we're starting to tell people what they'll find at your store)

- Bazaar Of Eastern Treasures (OK, now we're heading in the right direction. This one has Eastern Mystery and Treasures... Who could resist at least checking it out?)

- Treasures Of The Far East (another version of the one above)

Well, Claire, I have a few more ideas strolling through the back roads of my mind. But I'm still going on the assumption that you're selling to a western audience? And if I'm wrong about that, then I'm already heading off in the wrong direction.

If you're selling to native Easterners, who are living in the West, then we might want to go with a more nostalgic angle like "Treasures From Home" or something along those lines.

Anyway, hopefully seeing my thought process can help you get your own creative juices flowing?

Just don't try to come up with the "perfect" name during your initial brainstorming session. Instead, write down as many ideas as you can think of for comparison.

When I help my clients write headlines or taglines, I might write 10, 20, 30 or more. Then I let them sit for a day or two. When I come back to them, I narrow it down to a few that are worth split testing against each other in the live copy.

I realize it's not quite the same thing, and you can't just change your company name in the same way as a tagline, but the point is to not limit the ideas you come up with during the initial draft stage.

Just write down as many as you can think of. Then let them sit for a day. When you come back with a fresh set of eyes, some of them will jump out at you as being total garbage (you can eliminate those right away) The rest of them get to move on to round 2.

Eventually you'll narrow it down to just a few, and those are the ones you show to other people for feedback

But the biggest thing to remember is to think about your audience when your brainstorming. Because depending on your market we may need to cross over some cultural differences (for example: the word bazaar is less common in the west... We usually call it a marketplace)

Just remember... when marketing, it's not about you (it's never about you). It's all about finding something that resonates with your target audience. (unless you have a big enough budget, or a huge social following. Then you can call it anything you want, because with enough advertising anything can become a household name)

But for us mere mortals with limited budgets, you can't go wrong with naming it something that has value, or a benefit for your target audience.

OK, Claire, that's it from my end. I wish you good luck with your creative, and great success with your store.

All the best,
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