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Software that can customize an employee training program

Discussion in 'Employees and Human Resources' started by bookfurry, Feb 21, 2017.

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  1. bookfurry

    bookfurry Member

    Does anyone here knows if there is a software that can customize an employee training program? I need something that tracks employee profiles and schedules training events, something like a database. The data goes in once and get updated as required , no need for multiple inputs of the same data. Any recommendations?
  2. Jessica Danes

    Jessica Danes MVP Member

    Hello @bookfurry! Although I haven't needed to use a training/skills-tracking software, I do know a few popular ones. SchoolKeep is a web-based training program designed by you that allows you to analyze your employees' progress. Lessonly gives you a platform for your business to share updates/company-wide information while creating a online-school type program to track how well your employees are learning. Another web-based software is IndustrySafe where you can even check employees' credentials to see if they're expired.

    There are many programs out there, and a great way to get exactly what you need is through Capterra. Here you can search for the exact specifications you're looking for including employee size.
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  3. Arti Singh

    Arti Singh Member

    Hey there, are you looking for a product or are you planning to create one? You can create your own customized applications with all the features you want, and that works your way. Just let me know if you'd like to give it a thought. Good luck!

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