I have a software idea to improve the human resources aspects of small businesses. What should my first moves be to get the ball rolling? How can I make my idea physical?
Start by writing down the software requirements. What you want to accomplish exactly with this software, who will use it. Then you can define the technical aspects of it: which database , which programming language?

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The first steps to developing a software is always interviewing the prospective users in the market. Outline the platform and its features and benefits in a fashion to present to the prospective users and then ask them to expand on what you present them as well as recommendations for alterations and additions. You must interview several large focus groups to arrive at a set of data that is conclusive.


Start with the marketing aspect of the software. Does the product satisfy an existing need? Or better still, can it create one? That is a battle half won. The next step is to evaluate the technical aspects of the software. If the idea gains traction, the financial aspect should not be hard to surmount. Venture capital will be great here. Software developers will them work to create the application. A good product of service, I postulate, does 50% of the marketing for itself. Hope this helps.


I am going to recommend a book to you, it is called "Start small, stay small" by a guy called Rob Walling. It is a very short book that goes directly to the point: how you create a startup as a software developer. It is full of ideas for identifying markets and marketing techniques, it also has some insightful ideas about how you can test your concept even before creating it, for instance: create a web page for your product even if it is not ready, describe it and add a form so people can subscribe to a mailing list, use google analytics to see the traffic your site is generating and if people are actually actively looking for what you offer, you will know this by the key words they use to reach your site and how many of these persons are actually joining your mailing list. A perfect way to gauge interest even before creating the product.
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