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Nov 10, 2016
The giant checklist of social media marketing basics for small town business
by Becky McCray, Small Biz Survival
March 5, 2018

Physical, bricks and mortar businesses, claim your Google listing first:
  1. Claim your Google listing at Google My Business - Get Your Free Business Listing Stand Out on Google
  2. What to do if you’re not in the right place on the map
  3. Update your info, especially hours
  4. Add some photos
  5. Use ongoing updates to post holiday hours, special opening times, events, specials for people who find your listing
Second, have a good website
  1. Include the basics from this checklist: name, address, phone, true rural location, and hours
  2. The number one feature is the location of your store
  3. Ask your customers what they want from your website
  4. Use landing pages to check your results from your social media efforts
  5. Here are 9 reasons to include a blog even if no one subscribes
Ask customers what social tools they use
  1. Know the general rural trends: Rural people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter at same % rate as urban people. But rural people lag urban on LinkedIn, Pinterest use. (Pew Internet 2016)
  2. Find out if they’re email users (may depend on age and occupation)
Pick one social tool to focus on
  1. Usually Facebook is the one where most of your customers are
  2. But remember to put Facebook in its place alongside email and your website
  3. Facebook Groups are hot right now, but expect things to change (for more on Facebook Groups for business listen to this podcast)
How to keep up with the trends in social media
  1. Should you keep up with trends? Ask your customers
  2. Build a layer cake with others in the community
  3. Start something like Tweetfolk Tours in your area
  4. Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement is a social media marketing resource for growers (but good for any small business trying to keep up)
Other specific tools to be aware of
  1. Pinterest and Vimeo
  2. Yelp isn’t big in my town. I know because I compared five weeks of my views on Yelp to the same month of views on Google. (see the graphic below)
  3. TripAdvisor matters for some tourism-related categories
  4. A few thoughts on “influencers” and your business

Yelp doesn’t look very competitive in my market for my business. Your results may vary.

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