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So I am at the point where our social media presence is being worked on. For our business model, I think it's best to focus on facebook, you tube, pinterest, and Instagram. However, I always feel disorganized when it comes to this facet of the business and thinking of what to put on these sites and when just confuses me. Any advice as to how to organize the social media aspect of your business?

Thank you.
You can take a look at these strategies: Identify your business goals, set marketing objectives, identify ideal customers, research, create a content strategy. Always try to adapt quickly and introduce the new changes to your overall strategy.

Sarah SMT

We prepare a marketing calendar in advance for the coming months. An annual calendar with just monthly overview then a monthly content calendar where we plan out in detail what to post on what days. We call it an "Ad Copy" and include the date / text / image / landing page

I like the idea to first focus on GOALS then STRATEGY (steps to meet the goals) - then the marketing should flow behind it easy.

Hope this helps
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