A Small Business Owner's Guide to Marketing on TikTok
Jan 2, 2021

If your business isn’t on TikTok, you’re missing out. The newest social media app, TikTok, is a video-sharing platform with over 50 million daily users in the US.

Users create their own videos, using music, comedy, or satire to entertain, but it’s not just about fun—TikTok can also be an amazing marketing tool for small businesses.

If you want to get started with marketing on TikTok, what do you need to know? If you’re ready to try it out, keep reading to find a small business owner’s guide to TikTok marketing.

Create a Channel for Your Brand​

Your first step in TikTok marketing is to create a branded business channel for your brand. This is your company’s ‘home’ on TikTok, so be sure to incorporate your logo and brand colors on the site.

You’ll use your account to post fun, creative videos that will entertain followers and also, hopefully, encourage them to check out your product or services.

When you’re making videos, you may want to be more subtle when it comes to product placement. You don’t want to be aggressive with your marketing efforts—instead, focus on using the platform on building awareness of your brand, not the hard sale.

Work With TikTok Influencers​

If you want to market your brand on TikTok, check out influencer marketing. This is an effective way for small brands to get noticed and reach a new audience.

How does it work? Your company hires TikTok influencers, who have a huge audience on the platform, to promote your product or service.

Hopefully, the influencer’s audience will then want to learn more about your product, leading to more followers on your page and an increase in sales.

Just be sure to find influencers with an audience that matches your own, so that you can increase your risk of success.

Try Paid Promotions​

Another way to get noticed on TikTok is with paid promotions. You can promote your latest video or channel through paid TikTok promotions.

This lets you get your videos in front of more people, targeting the demographics who are most likely to engage with your own account.

Small businesses can also buy real TikTok likes. This is a great thing to do when you’re first starting out and struggling to reach your audience—it gives you the boost you need to get ahead.



Mostly after Trump went after China. But that didn't dismay the TickTok user base at all and their user base keeps increasing, at least among teens and young adults. It's not a medium that appeals to me personally but as always from a marketing standpoint I always say find out where your target demographic hangs out and go there to get your message to them.

Julia Sta Romana

Top Contributor
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This line bothered me:

"Small businesses can also buy real TikTok likes. "

Those "real" TikTok likes often come from farms. The accounts sold here are likely too new or they don't have enough followers to have any value. And when you buy likes, you're not really getting anything of value because those likes don't have an underlying network you're trying to reach. You're just paying to increase your stats but you're not really making an investment for long term connections.


I agree. I've never dealt in like or following farms or influencers (who use likes and and follows from farms, or fake members on forums, or fake Google reviews, or fake testimonials, etc.

Sooner or later it will backfire on you.

That said, I know that several new websites and businesses and forums use them hoping to kickstart their membership. My opinion, is build followers honestly and look at the long term instead of the short term.
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