Should your Business use Instagram for Marketing? Six Questions To Ask
by Marina Pape,
July 27, 2018

If you’re wondering if your business should be on Instagram, the short answer is that whatever you’re selling, you should consider it. Instagram now has over one billion monthly users — as of January, 2018, seven percent of internet users in the United States accessed Instagram once every few days.

And if you’re in certain eCommerce categories or selling a visual product, you definitely should. Here are six questions to ask if you’re weighing whether Instagram should be part of your marketing strategy.

1. What industry are you in?
Instagram doesn’t make sense for all industries, but in some — like beauty, fashion, beauty, travel and retail — there is widespread adoption by brands, and not having a presence is a lost opportunity. Be guided by what the leading brands in your industry are up to on Instagram.

2. Is your product visual?
Instagram is the social media home of beautiful photography and visual storytelling. If you can translate your selling proposition into something visual, you’ll be able to showcase it perfectly.... Effective use of Instagram isn’t limited to physical products! For example, a golf lesson company could tag lessons in videos of the perfect swing.

3. Are your customers on Instagram?
If your customers are using Instagram, you have an opportunity to engage with them where they like to be social. Make it easy for people to engage with your brand on Instagram by adding follow buttons to your website and sharing buttons to product pages.

4. Has Facebook advertising been effective?
If you’ve had success running Facebook ads, you’re just a few steps away from trying similar ads on Instagram and reaching your customers there, too. Learn more about Instagram advertising.

5. Does your website need some dynamism?
Once you’ve posted a few pics to Instagram, you can pull a feed of your Instagram photos onto your website, adding some life and boosting SEO. For WooCommerce, you can automate this with the WooCommerce Instagram feed extension.

6. Do you need a little help making photos look good?
While taking professional photos of your products for your website is preferable, Instagram’s filters, crops, and editing tools are really helpful. Get into a habit of snapping and posting on Instagram, and you’ll create an image bank you can draw on for your product pages and marketing. Here are some great tips if you’re just starting out.

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