Shoppable Instagram Posts for your eCommerce Brands


Nov 10, 2016
5 Reasons Your eCommerce Brand Should Consider Shoppable Instagram Posts
by Ron Dod,
April 6, 2018

Your brand should consider shoppable Instagram posts because they are simple to set up. Within your business profile, you can add the tags to the image that you want to sponsor. The tags act as product descriptions for the items that you want to sell. They break down your product for the mobile interface in order for consumers to understand it better. It’s not enough to tell people to just buy a product—retailers need to provide context around items they want to sell. Take a look at a well-executed example from Macy’s about how to use tags:

To promote the Go Red For Women campaign, Macy’s created a stunning red image that was enabled with tags that you can see in the format of white circles. When you click on these white circles, they expand into the tags.

As you can see from this example above, the tags have been expanded to showcase the name of the product and the price. The tags are clickable links back to the main site for purchase.

Once a customer clicks on the tag, the Shop Now interface within Instagram opens for the product to be purchased. The Macy’s example highlights that tags act as the key for your eCommerce brand to increase sales on Instagram.

You have probably heard that you can sell through Instagram but wondered how to adapt your brand to it. Now you know that using shoppable tags is the first step to unlock sales on the app. The tags need to be simple and clear-cut by explaining the name of the product and the price.

Don’t forget, people are using Instagram on their mobile devices. They don’t have time to read super detailed descriptions like they would if they were on a desktop. This is why these Macy’s tags always cite the brand name first, then the product, so that customers know who manufactures the product. By keeping things simple, you increase chances of your potential customers making a quick decision to buy or not.

Shoppable tags are the first step to selling on Instagram without being overly pushy or aggressive. Retailers like Macy’s understand that they need to be used in a concise way with a stunning image to capture the attention of time-starved Instagram users.