This always fascinates me seeing how different people get ready for a day of work.

What do you do each and every morning?


1. Breathing exercise to get off the bed
2. Water because dehydrated
3. Daily journal log to clarify what's going on
4. To-do list (planned in morning) so I know what needs to be done, and not overdo
5. Push ups, sit ups, burpies to jump start day
6. Shower and dressed
7. Leave to coffee shop or library


Morning ritual, so important as it sets the tone for my day...

1. Wake up at 5am
2. Drink a glass of water before getting out of bed.
2. Exercise for at least 30-45 minutes (always include cardio)
3. Eat breakfast that I prepare from scratch.
4. Attack the day NLT 6:45

I Miss any of those , and my entire day is out of wack!


- Wake up at around 7 a.m.
- Go for a mouthwash
- Do a little bit of exercise such as jogging and brisk walking
- Breakfast
- Brush my teeth/shower and get dressed
- Then off to do the daily work


Great question! Wake a different time each day, which I should stop doing. Usually around 7 a.m.
Check email quickly
Work on proofreading jobs, writing ebooks and writing articles and check in on two DS businesses
Go for a walk while listening to helpful podcasts
I homeschool so I can only currently get in about 30 hours of work per week doing mornings and evenings but I'm starting to see some results from the ebooks and articles and I'm always busy with proofing.
A fantastic question! Wake up & the most important objective is tea! Then cereal, then vitamins, then emails, then project management and then ... oh, it's time to wake up again!
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