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Seeking investment for new business

Discussion in 'Networking' started by Youngjoshua2020, Dec 18, 2015.

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  1. Youngjoshua2020

    Youngjoshua2020 Member


    I would like to become a entrapenur and I belive I have the drive to achieve my dreams. I would like some one to much my ambition and understand what motivates me. I would like funding for sure but I am also looking for successful mentors who I can be real with and get real advice in return. I have several business ventures I would like to explore but being a family man with wife and 4 kids I find it hard to become committed at working only for my self. I have tried to start a company before but when got slow it was to tough.
    Key business venture 1
    Operating a million dollar home repair business specializing in plumbing, electrical, and hvac. I would first aquire a hvac license and then become a general contractor. I am 25 and have worked in construction since 15 and have worked specifically in the trades since I was 19. I am very skillful and have worked as labor, install, start up, maintenance, technican, managment, and sales. At this moment I work in sales and gross 125000 in sales. I manage install crews that install the HVAC in the customers home I've sold too. I work with the owner and office help to develop the business based of previous experience from other companies. I at one time worked for clock work services which is fortune 500 company. Our company serves LA and we gross 500,000+ monthly.
    I would like to start a company for my self but I am also able if I had the funds to take over one of our dbas and get 80 percent and give 20 percent to owner until pay off. I would rather start my own and have the funds to fully optimize it. I would focus on sales of new systems for the residential home. I would start a marketing campaign to rake in loads of leads. This trade business is like others one started but I want min to exploade because I would seek investment and the help to get the growth I would want. I started a repair business before with out operating cost and it's slow it takes at liest 3-5 yrs to grow and that's to slow for me.
    I want my company to take leads for new hvac but I want my sales guys to press for the replacement of windows, doors, attic insulation, etc.. My service personal will be performance based pay so they will all ways be looking to make sales and grow our company. My installers will recommend products during installtion. The office help will recomend service contracts to new customers.
    I could go on and on but I need to get ready for work now. I know this business well and I know what I could do with it. Again this is only one business venture and I haven't even detailed fully it's plan.

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