Hi all,

I know that many of you are incredibly busy individuals - acting as founders in start-ups and tackling the challenges that comes with this - but I am hoping that a few of you may read through this post before dismissing it out of hand.

I am a current MBA student undertaking research into start-up founders specifically - the people behind the ideas. Often we read about the great successes - the Steve Jobs through a rose-tinted lens after things work out. But it is clear from the research that there is little out there about what these people need to translate these ideas into reality. There are plenty of 'top ten' lists of skills, networks, organisational structures, financial arrangements etc. but what I am seeking is insight into both actual practice needs of founders - what is missing or unavailable or particularly difficult to access and also the deep insights into the personal cost of undertaking the challenging road of a start-up founder.

To do this I am seeking volunteers to conduct interviews with to discuss these ideas with. In the age of big data research appears to be more quantitative than qualitative - my intent with personal interviews is to break through this barrier. The intent would be to conduct an interview at your convenience by whatever means best suits you and I will appreciate any time that you could spare.

Thank your support with this initiative and I hope to hear from some of you soon.



Hi rachel_researcher,

Every entrepreneur that I've interviewed had a fascinating story, providing similar as well as contradicting advice; for example:
  • Minimize your expense
  • Don't do-it-yourself, and pay extra for a professional
To your point, there is no clear line in determining the right balance and when does the 20/80 rule apply!

I'm happy to help if I can; but I ask that you first read through my series so that you can formulate your questions.
Depending on your questions, I/you/we may even add to the series for others to learn from.

You can ping me to schedule a call if my profile intrigues you.
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