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Рорulаr quеstiоn: Whаt аrе thе bеst wаy tо sеаrсh fоr nеw idеа аftеr fаiling in stаrtuр?

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by Jack Benoit, Mar 19, 2016.

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  1. Jack Benoit

    Jack Benoit Member

    Рорulаr quеstiоn: Whаt аrе thе bеst wаy tо sеаrсh fоr nеw idеа аftеr fаiling in stаrtuр?
    I wоuldn't stаrt sеаrсhing fоr nеw idеаs еsресiаlly аftеr а fаilеd stаrtuр. I wоuld tаkе а brеаk, gеt а jоb, dесоmрrеss, аnd intrоsресt.

    Thеn, аs yоu gо аbоut yоur lifе, idеntify yоur соrе аssеts: Whаt dо I knоw? (skills, strеngths...) аnd Whо dо I knоw? (nеtwоrk, ассеss...). Kеер аn еyе оn tесhnоlоgy аnd рlаtfоrm сhаngеs hарреning thаt саn сrеаtе орроrtunitiеs fоr yоu bаsеd оn whаt yоu knоw аnd whо yоu knоw. Thаt's vеry imроrtаnt -- yоu саnnоt sоlvе еvеry рrоblеm thаt sееms еxсiting. Yоu саn оnly sоlvе рrоblеms whеrе yоu hаvе аn аdvаntаgе.

    If sоmеthing еxсitеs yоu а lоt, thеn figurе оut hоw tо dеvеlор thе skills аnd ассеss first. Lаy а fоundаtiоn fоr it bеfоrе dоing аnything.

    If аnd whеn yоu dо dесidе tо рursuе sоmеthing, mооnlight: stаrt vеry smаll, build just еnоugh tо vаlidаtе оr tеst yоur hyроthеsis, аnd sее hоw it gоеs. Try sеvеrаl idеаs. If sоmеthing tаkеs оff аnd yоu dеvеlор а strоng соnviсtiоn fоr it (аgаin, givеn whаt yоu knоw аnd whо yоu knоw) аnd аrе willing tо соmmit full timе, thеn yоu саn quit yоur jоb аnd рursuе it.
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  2. remnant

    remnant Member

    The best plan to a business idea, is to think horizontally. This means that you look for industries related to your former startup. For example, if you are dealing with shoes, look for a related area to venture into like or related items like leather belts and bags.
  3. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    Great post, OP. I think many failed start ups are a result of digging oneself too deep in matters that don't make sense. Starting up a business requires knowledge in the field of your industry and experience that you may or may not yet have. If you don't take your time and analyze as Jack says, then you'll soon be overpowered by the tides of entrepreneurship. Laying foundations, getting connections, networking, and building upwards from a single focus are the points needing attention prior to launch. Without that, your rocket (i.e. business) will go caddywompus in the sky and crash.

    If you fail, dust yourself off and try again. Think of the first time as rehearsal and the second as the big performance.
  4. Deni Dzoja

    Deni Dzoja Account Closed

    You can't think of ideas of startups to come up with something good. You need to look for things that annoy you or things that could be improved. Ask your family and friends what are some really annoying things at home or at work they are looking for a solution for.
  5. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    I find they present themselves to me frequently through the course of my experiences. I don't wait for a failure to access those thoughts of opportunities. Eventually, that which makes us who we are will present to our thoughts ideas and opportunities that we should consider. It's always ongoing, some just haven't learned to harness it.

    It's an elimination game. One should journal their thoughts, especially business, product, or services ideas. As an entrepreneur, it's our responsibility to look into all of them and find those that have merit. Then we put them to the test. Then we make a plan to bring them to life, and then a plan that tells us the end goals, exit plans, and so on
  6. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator MVP Member

    @Jack Benoit , Good post. Hope you are not searching for it. :)

    I am sure if you google it you get similar forums who list their innovative ideas and services.

    But ask yourself is Entrepreneurship, a referring, copying or being part of the 'Big Idea' or its something your Instinct, heart and soul simply believes and come along with you as long as you find the joy in it in success or failure.

    BTW which business you dropped out from ?
  7. bob1978

    bob1978 Member

    I suppose by getting out there, and experiencing anything that crosses your path. Specifically connecting with people, chatting with folks wherever they are, genuinely asking about what they do, and so on. Not to find an opportunity like some opportunist buzzard, but simply to expand your comfort zone. Sticking in the industry/field of what you have knowledge/experience in is fine too, but checking out different fields and connecting with that many people, gives you an alternative to finding your path.. perhaps even a more exciting one. Sortof like that Jim Carey flick, where he has to say yes to everything, no matter how dull and boring or scary it is.

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