Speeding up WordPress is probably not as difficult as you think.

  • a well-optimized theme: don't just grab one that looks pretty
  • the right plugins: install and activate what you need to add functionality, not fancy features that just add to bloat
  • specific plugins that are designed to optimize your site, e.g., image optimizers, code and script optimizers, a good caching plugin, etc.
  • make your posts and pages smaller - divide topics up into smaller chunks
  • don't overuse images and slide shows: every image that needs to be loaded adds to load time and that includes your logos and header images
  • just because you CAN add some feature doesn't mean it's a good idea: ask yourself what benefits that feature adds to your site

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10 Ways To Speed Up Your Website
by Haris Bacic,
February 7, 2018

  1. Caching Plugins For WordPress
  2. Implement A Content Delivery Network
  3. Optimizing Images
  4. Combining And Minifying Javascript Files
  5. Combining And Minifying CSS Files
  6. Load Dynamic Parts Via AJAX
  7. Leverage Browser Caching
  8. Enable Gzip Compression
  9. Avoid Loading Many External Resources
  10. Implementing Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

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