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Reseller : How Do You Stand Out?

Discussion in 'Sales' started by Griffin, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. Griffin

    Griffin Member

    Resellers. They sell the goods of another company, typically limiting personal innovation. They don't always go very well.
    So, that's my question for you today. How do you stand out as a reseller of a product? Take a scenario where there are a few other reseller competitors (5 or so), and the main company itself also sells the same product their resellers are selling.
    Let me know any thoughts or ideas that you may have. If you're looking to specify in advice, I'm thinking more in the sense of a reseller of VEX Robotics (vexrobotics.com) products, specifically for their VEX Robotics Competition.

  2. remnant

    remnant Member

    When it comes to reselling, the unique selling proposal (USP) just gets more complicated. To differentiate yourself from the rest of the market, you have to think vertically and horizontally. For a start, your location is paramount for easy customer access. Another area you can have an advantage is branding your business premises to be eye catching. You should also stack complimentary products and / or services to what you are reselling. For example someone buying shoes will want to buy shoe polish or a brush.
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