Hi, Perhaps other countries have this law but it was recently passed in Canada that you can no longer call/email/sms a b2b or b2c prospect without prior consent. Is it true to say that they have to find you and reach out to you first, before you can send them promotional info? That would make it quite a challenge to build customers, does anyone have any advice for a new company with no contacts to reach out to prospects without violating this law? Thanks


From your previous post, I know that you are offering health service and I even suggested B2B cold calls.
With this restriction, you have to find other ways to bet in front of prospect.
I'm sure you know about the geo-location online ad campaigns.
You can try to sponsor or participate in local events. Sponsor sport activities (i.e. little leagues) by providing free team shirts, food/drink, etc.

Get-into events where many employers hangout; for example, career fair is a good candidate. You can talk to the HR recruiters, which might be your contact or put you in contact with other resources.

I think they call this ground marketing...

--- EDIT ---
I found the following regarding cold-calling:
...implied consent for business-to-business marketing since they allow cold calling, but only if the address was acquired legitimately and the message is relevant to the recipient.
So, you just need to get a database list from a provider, which has already established an implied consent.
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So from how I read the law it sounds like cold-calling is now a restriction...o_O
I dont know anything about geo-location campaigns but I'll check into it. I figured events and sponsorship would be my best bet but seems like the expensive route. Also, joining the local chamber of commerce as a good way to get our name out.

I'll revert back to this thread when I find some effective ways around this because there must be other people facing the same issue.


This law (CASL) has been in effect for a while now, since July 2014, I think. If I understand it correctly, basically you can do very little as far as making first contact, like you mentioned.

Collecting emails/permission to contact people at events like @Edvin mentioned, or through your double opt-in email list is probably the safest way to go.

You can read the rules from the CRTC site but it's a little (lot) convoluted. This FAQ is easier to understand, in my opinion. It tells you what you can do.


I highly recommend using LinkedIn. You can post articles on your profile that can 'encourage' prospective customers to your own biz offerings. Just don't make the article a 'sales' letter. Make it a 'story' and how it can 'benefit' other businesses. Join groups on the site that hold your 'customers' and engage through their forums. Doing these activities will help build awareness and start your biz. It takes time but honesty vs 'carpet bagger' salesmanship, is far more valuable.
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