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Question: Amazon Publishing

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing and Promotion' started by thedude, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. thedude

    thedude Member

    Do you recommend Amazons publishing services, or using a third party and selling through Amazon. I have an idea for a book I want to write, but I don't know the best method to get it out after I complete it. I'm asking this because I noticed you sell your book on amazon.
  2. Pejman Ghadimi

    Pejman Ghadimi Member

    Amazon is great, we used on many books. Some sold 10K copies, others 200K. Its very efficient and streamlined.
  3. Valerie Hart

    Valerie Hart MVP

    @thedude Amazon is a great publishing site! It already comes with a HUGE customer base and a team of people to help with any issues you may face in the process. If you publish digitally, your royalties are up to 70%, or you can publish to print earning royalties up to 80%. They have their own tools to build and design your book, and you can distribute globally (huge customer base, remember?). There is also nothing against testing it out. If you start the process and midway choose to go a different way, that is your choice.
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  4. Adrianna Nine

    Adrianna Nine MVP Member

    I wouldn't recommend any particular third-party self-publishing service. Many of them require massive upfront payments (several thousands of dollars) and stick you with bulk books, which you're then expected to sell on your own. If you don't manage to sell all of them, too bad -- you've already paid for hundreds of books.

    Amazon has a lot of success stories, and worst-case scenario, you'll publish something that only sells a couple copies. Not much lost, except your time.
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