Would you use a QR code for marketing

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    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • Not sure

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Papa Johns and a bunch of other corporations had their marketing teams jump at the opportunity to use QR codes to attract more of the mobile market share to their advantage and make things easier for customers to get information, instant coupons, and visit web sites.

Do you use QR codes for your business advertising? Do you feel it helps? And do you use them from others with your mobile phone occasionally, even if you don't use them for what you do?

I've used them a few times for advertising and for my phone (android) to get offers from other places that I was interested in, but only on occasion. Other people seem to use it a lot more. What's your position on it?


I don't know. Nay for me for now. I haven't caught on. But, yeah, just like you said- people are using them a lot. But, I prefer simpler methods :)
I would and have added QR Code and can be done easy and for free. People who use their QR reader on their mobile device would love to use it like me and the apps are free as well. I have not really launched it. However, here is an great example where I added QR Code to my website project. You can visit it by Clicking Here.

T J Tutor

I have tried these in marketing and found they are not used with any regularity. However, in the stores I use them often to look up merchandise information.


When they were new I thought the idea of QR codes was very cool. I downloaded a QR code reader and tried using it. But I soon got bored and deleted it. Most QR codes are on advertising and lead to more advertising. Most people are happy finding the sites they want by url or keyword. If your url is too long to be remembered and to poorly ranked to be found on Google, not having a QR code is the least of your problems.


To be honest with you, I have never watched anyone ever use a QR code. I see them often, and everybody I know has a smart phone, but nobody uses QR codes. It's something that I thought about integrating onto the back of my business card to bring up my website, but other then that that I wouldn't use it.


They came out in 2010. I doubt they will suddenly start 'catching on' 5 years later for no good reason. That ship has sailed. Even if something similar catches on I bet it will be a different format and only after a reader comes standard and pre-loaded on iPhones--with all those other stupid apps they won't let you delete.
Using QR codes makes a lot of sense. People are more likely to scan a code to see the information they're after than to type in your domain. It simplifies bringing people over to your website. Definitely give it a go.


Definitely nay. I mean... Warren Buffet always tells people to not invest in something the average Joe can't understand. How would you explain QR Codes to your grandma so she would use it in her day to day life.
Unless your grandmother is the kind of person who uses the most updated technology I guess she would not know about online businesses at all. You do not need to invest in setting up an QR Code, it is free. If you pay for it, your going with the wrong company.


people seem to always be confused by what they are and what they do, so unless your goign to print instructions like, download this app, scan, it will take you to this page, i wouldnt bother.
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