I wanted to get a discussion going on the Pros and Cons of Business Partners and Co-Founders.

I have been involved in many businesses with partners, and some without. These are just a few off of the top of my head. I'm curious what you guys can come up with.

  • Motivation, inspiration and someone to help keep you "driven"
  • Split costs
  • Have different areas of expertise (teamwork)
  • Divide responsibilities
  • Less time commitment, depending on responsibilties

  • It doesn't go as planned and they don't put in the time, or money that you do
  • It can cost you 50%
  • Power trips/power struggle
  • They make a big mistake that costs you
  • You don't see eye to eye on all issues

What are some other Pros and Cons?


Personally I think it depends on the business and of course the people who are to become involved.

A business partner can be just the thing a business needs as they'll bring fresh ideas and a new way of thinking to the table. At the same time though, the existing owner of the business is going to have to be open to these new ideas.

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