Hard to comment without more information. What sort of videos are you creating and how are you currently trying to promote them? Also where are you currently trying to promote them?
Before you upload your videos, maybe you could first build up your account's reputation, gain more friends or followers, so that you could easily promote your videos and gain more audience or viewers on your video and it could take you to easily gain potential customers, that way, your promoting would be worth it.
Just a suggestion, I noticed that uploading videos on Facebook is much way more effective than on YouTube. The reason is we connect to more people in Facebook, we share it on the group and also we can connect suggest it to our friends inside Facebook may through sharing it or via messenger.


I think know which platform to use first so that your promotion is successful. Do a study about which platform your target audience are on. Like in the Philippines, it's Facebook. Maybe in India, it's not. Keep in mind that it's not just about getting your videos out there, it's also about getting it to the right audience so it will bring you customers.


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