I just learned about this great email service that helps you create a subscription list, design beautiful emails, and even analyze how well your subscribers respond. This is all packaged in MailChimp's free New Business package. If you have less than 2,000 subscribers, I highly recommend you take advantage of this free service to help grow your business to your customers. You can also connect your online store, getting the word out for new products while analyzing what sells.

Are there other email services like this? Have any of you tried them (or this one)? What works for you/your business and what doesn't?


I've used MailChimp in the past, partly because it integrates easily with WordPress via a plugin. If you do need to go beyond the free version, presumably you're making enough money to afford the paid version.

The analytics are great: You can see how many people opened your last email send as well as bouncebacks from invalid email addresses.

It's actually quite impressive I think for a free service.


Hi Valerie,

I use GetResponse. It's similar to MailChimp, but it's a paid service.
I also came across MailChimp a while back, it's a good service too. Very easy to use especially for beginners.
I have used MailChimp in the past but it didn't fulfill my needs. What I needed was all-in-one automation platform that was easy to use and control.

We now offer access to our own automation platform along with a promotional offer.
I have been using MailerLite for some time, the software is awesome. Definitely recommend! Mailchimp is good too, but i prefer the MailerLite.

M Pro

MailChimp is good for a small number of subscribers where you can take advantage of the free account. However as your subscribers grow it can get very expensive. There are services out there that specialize in high volume email campaigns. One that I have used is hotsol.


Sorry for posting in quite an old thread, but I'd like to know if anybody uses YesWare. Is it worth paying for. The trial version lasted only 14 days, but it showed me how many times my mail was opened. And it was helpful for follow-ups, too.

Is the paid version good?


That's true. I don't do a lot with these services but I have used Mailchimp and they're reporting statistics aren't bad. They don't just tell you who opened but also what percentage of the total emails were opened.
GetResponse has a few more interesting pieces in terms of convenient forms, and I consider MailChimp to be the best as a more convenient service for mailings.
MailChimp is standard in our field. I don't think any business can survive nowadays without their free service at the bare minimum.:) People can go ahead and use bigger programs if they like, but along with Excel and a good tax or payroll program, I don't think any startup could function without MailChimp.
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